We do custom orders! Here’s the information we need from you, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

  • The measurements of your item. Inside dimensions PLEASE!
  • How many you are interested in.
  • Your timeline for receiving your product.  If you steer too far from our standard box sizes, we add 10 days to your deadline date.

We also ask for a 10% deposit to ensure your committment, of 10 items or more.  We are happy to send a sample of your project before we manufacture the entire order. Please keep in mind we will expedite shipping if you have a shipping number with Fed Ex or UPS, or a shipping charge will be added to the order you place.

When considering a custom order, according to our standard size boxes, we will automatically add an additional 1.00 per item for the custom size. Ex: Crate 16x14x12 original size the price is 16.75.  your measurements 15 x12x12 cost, 17.75.

If you’re interested in using a higher grade wood, call us to discuss your project.  We can use other woods, however we buy wood by the linerar foot and it changes the cost of the box considerably.